Impronta: Our Newest Collection Arriving Now!

Impronta: Our Newest Collection Arriving Now!
A Bespoke Collection - Goodyear Welt. The long-awaited footwear collection by Mezlan, Impronta, is arriving now into Mezlan retail stores and Embodying the ultimate level of quality, precision, styling and sophistication, each Impronta shoe is handsewn by uniquely skilled local artisans at the Mezlan factory in Almansa, Spain. Natural, hand-applied cork inner-sole cushioning provides personalized comfort, allowing its owner to create a custom mold of his own foot as he walks. Specialized natural leather linings and extra hand-sewn layers, from sole to welt to upper, help keep your feet cool in summer, warm in winter, and feature a weather-resistant sole. Discover the benefits of Goodyear Welt construction which, when combined with superb Mezlan styling, grant you a passport to a world of bespoke character and excellence. Impronta, in one sense, is your mark, your stamp or impression, your imprint. But above all, Impronta signifies the legacy of who you are as a person and the impact you make on those around you. Shop Impronta Box Long Side-01-new_650x366 Box Long Side-02-new_650x366 Box Short Side-01-new_650x366 Box Short Side-02-new_650x366 ÿThe Character of Our Heritage - Video As the keys of the piano play in harmony with the strings of the violin, the emotions of the artisan are evoked. The ebb and flow of the music accompany the creative process. With a full heart and steady hands, the artisan performs on this time-honored stage. Old world shoemaking unfolds before your very eyes. Absorbed in his craft, the artisan is locked in a rhythm; selecting, cutting, detailing, sewing, skiving, hammering, coloring, brushing, sanding, corking, bending, pulling, and stitching. Each process brings these natural elements of the shoe closer to its glorious finish, a work of art wearable for years to come. The stage is left dark after the candle extinguishes, but the serenade continues with the enjoyment of each wearing. Make your Impronta a profound one. Impronta_art_650_blog-2 Impronta_Art_650_blog-1

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In 2008, Antonio launched the retail division of Mezlan by opening its first company-owned boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian/Palazzo hotels.

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