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The Goodyear Welt: As Good As It Gets
Originally posted on Quintessential Gentleman, Contributed by Mezlan's Randy Weber. Long thought of as the providence of women, shoes are becoming increasingly important in the world of men's fashion. From collectible sneakers to designer leather dress shoes, the number of...
Mezlan: Artistry and Tradition
Read More about Mezlan Owner Antonio Sanchez Read More about the History of Almansa
Antonio Sanchez: Just One Man From La Mancha
Antonio Sanchez, Mezlan's owner, designer, and president, grew up in a farming family in Almansa, Spain.  Almansa, part of the greater region of Castile-La Mancha, is an arid but fertile environment producing many varieties of red wine grapes, grains, and...
The History of Almansa
Almansa, Spain is the birthplace and home to Mezlan. Located in the arid but fertile plains between the high central plateau of La Mancha and the Mediterranean Sea, the town of Almansa is set at the foot of a majestic,...
Elijah McCoy: Great Moments in Shoe History
Mezlan Presents? Elijah McCoy was a Canadian-American engineer and inventor born in 1844, who held 57 U.S. patents. Born a free man in Canada to parents who had escaped slavery via the Underground Railroad, McCoy came to America when he...
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Oldest Leather Shoe: Great Moments in Shoe History
Mezlan Presents? In 2008, Archaeologists discovered evidence of an early civilization in modern-day Armenia dating back to 3,500 BC. Diana Zardaryan, an Armenian post-grad student, uncovered a shoe that was in nearly perfect condition while excavating the Areni-1 cave complex...
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Charles Goodyear: Great Moments in Shoe History
Mezlan Presents? Charles Goodyear was born on December 29, 1800 in New Haven, Connecticut. Goodyear was a very talented man. Besides being a self-taught manufacturing engineer, he also invented and developed a process to vulcanize rubber in 1839. The process...


In 2008, Antonio launched the retail division of Mezlan by opening its first company-owned boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian/Palazzo hotels.