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Impronta, a bespoke collection by Mezlan. This long-awaited collection of men's footwear offers a level of styling, material-quality and sole construction which epitomizes the art of fine shoe-making. A sophisticated Goodyear welt construction allows your foot to develop its own custom-imprint onto the layers of the organically applied cork foot-bed. The comfort is outstanding. The angular, hand-sewn process of stitching the sole to the mid-welt and then sewn to the upper again, serves to provide a unique degree of weather-resistance and cooling/heating to the foot as needed. Goodyear welted shoes can be enjoyed for years as they have the ability to be re-soled by expert cobblers. Impronta is much more than just a physical imprint or fleeting impression one makes but rather the lasting impression, the legacy one leaves on the world around him. Make your Impronta a profound one.