Why the Mezlan Man is You

Why the Mezlan Man is You

"You're either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both" - John Wildsmith, English Shoemaker
As much as you might hear or see that quote, it cannot ring any truer. We're here to introduce you to a brand that has a special preference for the latter of the quote. With the way the fashion world has been working lately, the ability to buy a pair of shoes has become much easier, but the ability to buy a great pair has become somewhat of a hidden gem.

Mezlan is a brand that knows the importance and necessity of the craft that goes behind a pair of well-made shoes and is sharing it across the States one storefront at a time. Their most recent opening on none other than New York City's Madison Avenue is the latest addition to Mezlan stores across the country and the nearly 500 other doors in which you can find Mezlan products. But what makes Mezlan different than other luxury shoe designers? Why should a person spend their hard-earned dollars on a pair of Mezlan monk-straps rather than somewhere else?

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We could make a never-ending list about why you should become a Mezlan man, but the main reasons are obviously the quality of the shoe itself, the fact that these shoes are truly made for you! Mezlan is a brand deep-rooted in the heritage of shoemaking, which gives it years of experience and inspiration which has allowed it to bring something classic and refined to the modern world and give you a collection of shoes ready for any day or night. Whether you're headed to the office, going to a concert, or in the Hamptons for the weekend, Mezlan has the right shoe for every man.

From gorgeously crafted lace-ups to robust boots and even to sportier selections by their companion brand Bacco Bucci, each design is made with the qualities of both the craft, quality, and the design in mind. mezlan store shoes Photo courtesy of Mezlan Though the online shopping experience is certainly an option, the true experience to gain with Mezlan is in store. Walking into the Madison Avenue location lets you know exactly what you're in for once you enter it. The design of the store matches the brand perfectly and the staff helps create an interaction that isn't only different from store to store, but different from customer to customer as well. In addition to well-made shoes, Mezlan also has collections of accessories ranging from belts, jackets, shirts, and other goods to help complete the look of you, the Mezlan Man.

Ludacris was even spotted not too long ago wearing one of their signature leather jackets in the Atlanta Braves new Sun Trust Park dugout. mezlan ludacris Ludacris wearing Mezlan leather jacket, Photo courtesy of Modern Luxury's Jezebel magazine. Photo by Zack Arias

The bottom line is the reason why the Mezlan man is YOU is because the Mezlan Man is not just one man. Whether you're downtown and you mean business or you're uptown and you're the life of the party, Mezlan shoes are the shoe you want to be in. As if the shoes don't say enough, the designer accessories that go with them live and breathe the Mezlan quality all on their own.

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In 2008, Antonio launched the retail division of Mezlan by opening its first company-owned boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian/Palazzo hotels.

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