Men's Fashion: 5 Ideas To Make Your Style Stand Out

Men's Fashion: 5 Ideas To Make Your Style Stand Out
Hey guys, been shopping lately? If so, what do you see? A dreary rainbow of black, navy, grey and the occasional tan. Do you want to look like everyone else (Hint: Just say NO)? So what, exactly, do you do? You could attempt to find some color out there, which will be difficult, but even if you can, the real solution is finding complementary pieces such as designer leather shoes to give your outfit some panache. Here are five suggestions to spice up your wardrobe and achieve your goal:
    1. It does start with the shoes, the foundation (literally) of any outfit. A piece of advice applicable to any purchase you make: spend more to get more. Designer leather shoes are worth the price because they up your game immensely, will get you noticed and last longer, making the added investment pay off. This is not merely a matter of fashion, as there is a functional aspect with men's leather shoes and fit/comfort does make a difference. If you feel somewhat more adventurous, try exotic men's dress shoes made from exotic skins such as alligator, crocodile, lizard, or ostrich. Lastly, and uber important, she will notice your leather dress shoes, especially when polished; think about it!

    1. Along with your designer leather shoes, patterned socks make a fashion statement every time you cross your legs. Pairing them with leather dress shoes proves you have some creativity; after all, how much thought goes into solid black, navy, grey or brown? By the way, the fashion rule is the socks complement your tie as well as the pant/shoe combination. If you're not wearing a tie, think about your shirt or?.

    1. The pocket square! Whether solid or patterned, silk, cotton or even wool, a pocket square absolutely indicates you are not one of the crowd and breaks up that vast landscape of solid fabric. You can utilize the points up, the rounded puff or the Mad Men flat fold, but however you do it, the fashion statement is there.

    1. Clearly, this requires you wearing a tailored jacket of some kind, but that is a good idea in any event. With bottoms being much more slim fitting, where do you put your gigantic smartphone and wallet? Never use your pants back pocket for your wallet as sitting on it ruins the wallet (strike one), your pants (strike two) and your spine (strike three). When the phone is in your jacket pocket, it is accessible and never left behind at the restaurant or the club. As for being considered overdressed on occasion, never apologize for being the best dressed man in the room!

  1. Now the finishing item, jewelry. This does NOT mean huge chains or ostentatious pieces; it does mean tasteful bracelets, chains and tie bars. The bracelets don't have to be metal, but whatever you wear, it will add that final accessory touch that defines your look.
Of course, it starts with men's designer leather shoes and goes from there to the little things that illustrate your awareness and sense of style. Fashions come and go, but true style remains a constant.

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