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Patina is a lustrous coating naturally created over time on surfaces from copper all the way to leather.  The natural process occurs when substances such as oxygen, in the case of copper, and oils, in the case of leather, come …,

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Do You Have Style? You Should!

by Jack Abelson, Mezlan Retail Sales Manager It has been repeatedly pointed out by industry luminaries that, while fashions come and go, style endures and always will.  So the question needs to be asked, do you have style? Of course, …,


Washington Redskin Vernon Davis Teams Up With the BGCGW and Mezlan

Washington Redskins tight end Vernon Davis teamed up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington and Mezlan to help raise awareness and funds for kids in need.  Here’s a look at the event!

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The Goodyear Welt: As Good As It Gets

Originally posted on Quintessential Gentleman, Contributed by Mezlan’s Randy Weber. Long thought of as the providence of women, shoes are becoming increasingly important in the world of men’s fashion. From collectible sneakers to designer leather dress shoes, the number of …,

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Celebrity Watch: Marc Gasol in Mezlan at NBA Playoffs 2017

Marc Gasol hit the red carpet for the NBA Playoffs game between the Grizzlies and the Spurs wearing Mezlan boots.

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A Match Made in Men’s Fashion Heaven

Originally posted on Quintessential Gentleman. On June 15, Mezlan New York was proud to announce that they have officially partnered with The Tailory New York to promote their custom shoe selection, Impronta. Mezlan and The Tailory have long been two of our …,

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Detroit Pistons’ Tobias Harris Covers QG Capture

Originally posted on Quintessential Gentleman. Tobias is wearing G121 Monk Strap in Cognac. There is a renaissance underway in the National Basketball Association, a monstrous rumbling of “cool” that permeates through the concrete-clad walls of the Palace of Auburn Hills. Detroit Piston’s, Tobias  …,

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Investment Shoes: Mezlan Belucci Boots

Originally posted on, by Sage Goldnik. We Millenials have a hard time thinking about the REST OF OUR LIVES.  Committing to something like a job or a relationship or even a city when it comes with a “this will …,

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Mezlan and the Tailory New York Partner to Pair Bespoke Suiting with Custom Fit Footwear

Originally posted on The Robb Report, by Justin Mastine-Frost. This freshly minted partnership may satisfy all your custom attire needs in a single New York location. Hot on the heels of opening their first Manhattan flagship boutique, Spanish luxury shoemaker Mezlan has embarked on …,

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Vernon Davis, and 13 of his newest friends, went to the mall for a good cause

Originally posted on the Washington Post by Master Tesfatsion, June 26. There were 13 African American kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington hanging out in a high-end, men’s clothing store surrounded by $295 dress shoes. These children …,

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