Mezlan Premium Removable Insoles

These days it's great to have removable insole technology installed right into the construction of your footwear. It opens the door for more comfort options for you.  For example, if you want to wear bulky, thick, sporty socks, then you can remove the cushion for a better fit. Wearing a thin or sheer sock? - just keep the insole installed.  Similarly, if you need or like to wear your own custom-made orthotic arch supports, removing the Mezlan insole may just be the ticket which accommodates a better fit for your orthotics.  Made from thermo-injected Memory Foam, these insoles 'bounce back' into shape while also remembering the contours of your foot over time.

  • Customized support & comfort.
  • Shock-absorbing cushion.
  • Thermo-injected Memory Foam.
  • Orthotic-friendly.
  • Removable, so they can be freshened up, aired-out, and deodorized.