How to Access Afterpay

Installments by Afterpay let customers pay for purchases in four equal interest free payments, due every 2 weeks. For example, if you purchase an item for $200, you pay 4 installments of $50.  Afterpay also offers an option to pay higher amounts over several months!

There’s no additional cost to customers when they use Installments by Afterpay as long as they pay their installments on time. Installments are always interest-free, and the customer receives their order right away.

How to Access Afterpay at Checkout 

  • First, head to the checkout screen and scroll to the bottom to put your shipping information in the prompted boxes

  • Then select your shipping method and select continue to payment

  • In the Payment section select Afterpay below the PayPal section and click Complete Order at the bottom

  • You will then be directed to the Afterpay portal to complete your purchase


Some reasons why Afterpay might not be working for you

Afterpay is an option at Checkout. It is not always easy to find on our website during the payment & checkout process. You will need to choose your own payment credit card and the down arrow should yield a page which allows for "other payment method options" Look down at the page, and under the PayPal option you will see the Afterpay option in smaller font size (see screenshot below) Once you click on it you are on a private interchange between you, the customer, and Afterpay.  The purchase/loan contract is between you and Afterpay only. Mezlan does not get involved in this part of the sale.

Reasons whereby Afterpay may not go through, include;

  • Any purchase over $1,000.00 as this is the limit they have set for transactions on our website for their pay in 6 week option.  There is also an option to pay a higher amount over several months period!
  • If you already owe Afterpay on previous purchases from any website or retailer, and if the balance is unpaid or late, etc.
  • If Afterpay decides not to accept the relationship with a customer due to their processing criteria.