Mezlan Points


What are Mezlan Points?

As if great shoes and accessories, unique colors and styles, and exceptional craftsmanship and quality were not enough, with each order you can earn points towards cash back on future purchases. Through our Mezlan Rewards program, every customer registered for a account automatically receives and accumulates Mezlan Points when placing qualifying orders and through various actions on the site. Mezlan Points are an added benefit to your shopping experience, and one of our ways to thank you for being a loyal Mezlan customer.

Note: Currently, the Mezlan Rewards program is available only to customers with US shipping destinations. We are working on extending the program to our non-US customers as well.


How can I earn Mezlan Points?

To start earning points, you must first register for a account. Whenever you are logged in to your account, you will also be able to move through the checkout process faster, view and track your orders, and monitor your Mezlan Points balance and history.


Earning Mezlan Points with purchases

Every time you make a purchase you can earn points based on the total purchase amount in your shopping cart, plus any promotional points we may have in place for specific products or product categories. You earn these points automatically when you check out while logged in to your account.

The more you spend, the faster you earn!

5% earned on every purchase above $1,000

Earn 5 points per dollar spent with every purchase totaling $1,001 or more – that's 5%, or at least 5,005 and up to a maximum of 100,000 points earned per purchase.

4% earned on every purchase of $501 – $1,000

Earn 4 points per dollar spent with every purchase totaling $501-$1,000 – that's 4%, or at least 2,004 and up to 4,000 points earned.

2% earned on every purchase of $500 or less

Earn 2 points per dollar spent with every purchase totaling $500 or less – that's 2%, or up to 1,000 points earned.

Shipping and tax amounts are excluded. Mezlan Points earned through purchases become available after your items ship. Returned merchandise reduces your points balance. Refunds on purchases that had earned points which were redeemed with subsequent purchases may be reduced up to the full value of the redeemed points.


Earning Mezlan Points through other actions

You can also acquire Mezlan Points through these actions:

  • Register on the site and earn 500 points;
  • Subscribe to the newsletter for the first time and earn 500 points;
  • Invite your friends to join the site and earn 200 points when a friend registers on the site, and another 1000 points when your friend makes the first purchase on;
  • Earn 500 points just for having your birthday;
  • Make 10 purchases and earn 1,000 bonus points with your 10th purchase.


How do I redeem my Mezlan Points?

You can redeem your Mezlan Points at checkout at the online store in increments of 100 points. Every 100 Mezlan Points is redeemable for $1 in Mezlan merchandise.

If you have accumulated at least 100 Mezlan Points, you will have the option to spend your points when checking out to reduce your subtotal amount. Redeemable Mezlan Points can be used together with other payment methods such as credit cards and gift cards.


How do I manage my Mezlan Points?

You can view and manage your Mezlan Points through My Points and Rewards section in your account. You can view your total points as well as details of points acquired, redeemed and transferred. From here, you can even send your Mezlan Points to a friend.

My Referrals section in your account allows you to invite friends to register and shop on, with more opportunities for you and your referrals to acquire Mezlan Points.


Program Terms & Conditions

Mezlan Rewards membership and its benefits are offered at the discretion of Pacific Shoe Corporation (PSC). Participation is subject to the terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures ("Program Rules") that PSC may, in its discretion, adopt from time to time. PSC may amend the Program Rules at any time without notice and has the sole discretion to interpret and apply them.

  • The Mezlan Rewards program is void where prohibited by law, and is good for United States shipping destinations only.
  • We reserve the right to modify or terminate this program at any time without prior notice. Changes in the program may adversely affect your ability to use Mezlan Points in your account to make purchases at Termination of the program may result in loss of accumulated Mezlan Points and cancellation of program benefits and privileges.
  • We reserve the right to cancel and adjust points for any reason at any time, including in the event of a return, replacement or exchange shipment.
  • No points will be awarded for purchases prior to enrolling in a account.
  • Mezlan Points have no cash value and are redeemable for Mezlan merchandise only at the online store.
  • Mezlan Points may be capped at the maximum value of points which can be accrued per purchase and in total. If this option is applied, you will need to redeem your accrued points before you are able to earn more points.
  • Re-sellers and business accounts are not eligible for Mezlan Points. We reserve the right to withhold points from purchasers who are identified as re-sellers, wholesalers or business accounts.
  • Participation in the program is subject to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.