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Mezlan athleisure shoes combine comfort features such as quilted, padded collars, cushioned insole supports and contoured rubber outer soles with hi-fashion upper materials and detailing such as artisan-finished leathers and contemporary ornaments. In the last few years, you have probably turned on your TV to watch an award show or red carpet event only to see a celebrity pairing a tuxedo with some hi-top designer sneakers. Mezlan athleisure men's sneakers are amongst the coolest in the industry. From the “bling” category, using metal stud accents, pearlized, metallic and embossed leathers, to the dress-casual crossover category, featuring hand-finished calfskins, exotic skins, and velvet fabrics, we hope you will enjoy the many new ways in which Mezlan athleisure shoes will enable you to express yourself. Show a different side of your wardrobe persona!