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Cancer Below the Belt Events

Two events were held at our Houston Galleria Store recently benefiting charity Cancer Below the Belt, a local Houston Charity founded and operated by interior designer and home décor artist Kelly Gale Amen.

Mr. Amen, himself a cancer survivor, has found a fun theme in which he raises awareness for his charity: #GetCaughtWithYourPantsDown—literally!  By having people tastefully “drop their pants”, Amen offers a way to make the serious topic of cancers below the belt a fun one, thus raising awareness and spreading the word: get tested!

At the events, guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  A local Houston artist, Corey Scott, presented Kelly with a pair of Mezlan shoes that he hand painted himself with the official Cancer Below the Belt patterns and colors.

All proceeds from admission and raffle tickets went to the local charity and as a sponsor of the events, Mezlan at The Galleria proudly donated a portion of their sales from those days.

Kelly Gale Amen trying on a pair of lace-ups

Kelly Gale Amen trying on a pair of lace-ups

Cancer Below the Belt

Cancer Below the Belt 4

Cancer Below the Belt 2

Cancer Below the Belt 3

Cancer Below the Belt 6

Cancer Below the Belt 7

Cancer Below the Belt 8

Cancer Below the Belt 9

Cancer Below the Belt 11


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