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White / Bone
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Mezlan has a large and diverse collection of men’s fashion socks. The finest Italian looms weave our Mezlan dress socks as well as our whimsical, colorful Bacco Bucci fashion socks, which are artfully created from 80-90% sea isle cotton with just enough nylon to add durability and body. Further, our Mezlan Platinum dress socks are made in Japan and feature kimono-grade silk. The patented production process incorporates the use of the prized silk worm, which is reconstituted for strength and beauty. The finest, long, Egyptian cotton fibers are woven into the toe and heel for breathability and comfort. Wearing Mezlan Platinum socks affords a man a small daily pleasure and a true taste of luxury. Be sure to impress while expressing yourself with the novelty patterns and colors offered from Mezlan’s wide selection of men's designer socks.